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Instadebit Casino Maze of the Johnny Law Illusion

Maze of The Johnny Law Illusion

Maze by Yanito Freminoshi, The Johnny Law Illusion Maze 
Part of the FREE MAZES Project. You have full rights to use this maze for all purposes.
instadebit  casino maze johnny law illusion
The Johnny Law Illusion Maze  |  Yanito Freminoshi  |  Find the MAZE SOLUTION HERE
Maze of a the illusion of Johnny Law. What does this maze represent? What does it mean? This artwork plays off the notion that Johnny Law is always hovering in the background, ready to protect. But this concept is just an illusion. Johnny Law is just there to clean up and fill out the paperwork when it should have been Johnny Law making sure he is protected.

This maze is part of the Free Mazes project, so feel free to use the maze in any and all ways that you'd like.

Instadebit Johnny Law Maze for Online CasinoMaze of Johnny Law for Instadebit Casino Online

More about the FREE MAZE Project

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Cats and Instadebit, get both when you are at a Canadian Online Casino

Instadebit CAT meme
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cat meme for instadebit casino online art
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Johnny Law Maze SOLUTION

Maze solution for Johnny Law Illusion Maze | Instadebit Casino

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